Joan Assistent

The futile search for a vacant meeting room, surely you know it too. Sometimes it seems that everyone in your company needs a meeting room at the same time. And although no one actually booked a meeting room, you cannot find one that is free.

Meeting rooms for everyone!

Luckily there is a solution. JOAN is a meeting room booking solution that stimulates the productivity of your office by providing everyone a meeting room when needed.

JOAN is a digital screens that displays meeting room reservations and status outside the meeting room door. Book meeting rooms remotely or on the spot to make sure your meeting room is reserved for that important meeting.

Simple and fast installation and setup

JOAN is designed to make office life easier. Even the installation and setup requires hardly any setup. JOAN easily attaches to any surface, even glass walls.

Forget about wires, brackets and office redesign

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and your corporate calendar application, like Google Calendar (G Suite). There is no need for additional software installations.

Easy maintenance

The JOAN displays have an extended battery life of several months. When it is time to recharge, JOAN will send you a friendly e-mail as a reminder.

You are free to choose your hosting. On-premise hosting by using your in-house servers is possible. However we recommend in-the-cloud-hosting because it requires no maintenance.