G-Suite is an office tool that offers you an integrated package of business tools for your organization’s digital workplace. Optimize your daily operations and increase your output with flexible solutions for mailing, real time collaboration, online document management, scheduling, mobile device management and much more.

G Suite is built for businesses and designed to boost team collaboration, employee productivity, customer focus and workforce innovations. This cloud solution runs on any device, anywhere. No wonder more than a billion users have chosen for G-suite.

G-Suite deployment and migration

Are you convinced of the advantages of G-Suite for your organization? Switching to G-Suite is effortless with Symphony Cloud. We can migrate your existing IT environment to Google cloud with attention for your specific needs. We take care of everything, from installation, security settings and user management to daily support. While maintaining your existing functionalities you will also benefit from additional features and continuous improvements

Change management

Migrating IT solutions to the cloud is a logical step for businesses that embrace technological opportunities and efficiency. For some people however change can lead to anxiety and demotivation. Don’t let that happen! Symphony Cloud can help your organization throughout the change process by educating, supporting and communicating with your employees.

By informing your team of the rollout timeline and next steps we reduce resistance. Together with your organization’s ambassadors we build excitement about “going Google”. During the transition period we train all users and help them to get quickly and easily accustomed to G-Suite. To motivate your employees we give them a lot of tips and tricks to get the most out of G-suite.

Google Hangouts

Keep in touch with your team from anywhere. User-friendly video conferences allows you to interact within your chrome browser.

Google Docs

Write, edit, manage and collaborate real-time wherever you are, even when there’s no connection. Bring your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools or get ahead with practical templates.

Google Sheets

Create advanced online spreadsheets and share them with colleagues. Simplify work with the built-in formulas, pivot tables and advanced formatting functionalities. Store responses from your Website forms directly in a spreadsheet and never worry about missing any submissions again.

Google Calendar

Make the most of every day and save time. Flights, hotel reservations, concerts and more are easily added to your calendar. Scheduling your workweek has never been so easy. Creating a team meeting has never been easier. Directly select the required resources like a meeting room or a beamer, when creating a team meeting.


Receive and manage e-mails on your personalized mail domain. Gmail is fast, easy and secure, no wonder 1 billion users worldwide are familiar with this simply-to-use but powerful e-mail solution.

Google Drive

Store all your company data in a secure online environment. Manage personal data in your private Google drive environment and share team documents in dedicated team drives. If a team member leaves the company, the files stay where they are and your team can continue sharing information.

Google Forms

Create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires at no extra cost. Gather everything in a spreadsheet and analyze data right in Google Sheets.

Google sites

Create a website with the ease of editing a document. Quickly add text, images, videos, calendars, files and more. Share your website with your colleagues or the world in no time.

G Suite products for administrators

Google Admin

Manage your Google Cloud accounts, users, groups and access rights and view audit logs for your organization.

Chrome device management

Manage all your Chrome devices from a single place. Easily configure features for users, set up access to networks, force install Chrome apps and extensions, and many more.

Mobile device management

Support the bring-your-own-device philosophy while keeping your company data secure with effective mobile device management for Android and iOS

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