Digital signage

Display and manage all your commercial and non-commercial content on any screen with Chrome devices.

Cost-efficient digital signage

ChromeOS is a superior operating system for digital signage with affordable hardware. Manage all your content with Chrome device management, whether you have one or one thousand screens.

Reliable performance

Chrome devices are robustly built, designed to perform in challenging environments. They offer unrivaled uptime and 100 % security for the implementation of digital screens and content management.

Flexible configurations

Chrome devices can be used in various digital signage applications. They offer touchscreen functionality, full support for peripherals and the possibility to function as power supply for other Chrome devices.

Digital signage with full compatibility

The Chrome solution for digital signage is fully compatible with any digital screen on the market. Use the most affordable, reliable and user friendly device platform to stay in control of your digital siganage deployment and manage your content efficiently.

Onsign TV

We have chosen OnsignTV as our partner for digital signage, click here for more information.

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