Chrome Devices

Chrome devices for businesses are fast, secure and cost efficient computers. Chrome as cloud-based operating system, supports a new generation of business devices for companies of any size.

Business devices for every application

From employee laptops and desktops, to video conferencing, digital signage, cash registers and devices for one-time only user sessions. There is a Chrome device for every situation.

Enhance your speed: Chrome devices get you going in just a few seconds and get even faster over time.
Tighten your security: Always the best security with built-in encryption, sandboxing and automatic updates.
Allow easy device-sharing: Cloud-based user profiles allow employees to share their device easily and safely.
Manage devices effortless: Simple, web-based management options allow your IT-team to focus on things that are really important.


Built for today’s and tomorrow’s businesses. With automatic updates you always benefit from the latest software versions.
Forget about long boot times. Just open up your laptop and start working where you left off. Chromebooks are integrated with cloud business solutions to make your life easier.


A Chromebox is a multipurpose desktop computer that can be used for everyday work at your desk as well as for digital signage and kiosks. Small but powerful, Chromeboxes have everything a modern office needs:

  • built in security
  • integrated with full Google Apps suite
  • automatic updates
  • easy setup and easy to use

Connect your compact Chromebox to any monitor, keyboard and mouse to create a full desktop solution wherever you are.

Chromebox for meetings

Chrome devices for meetings enable video conferencing in any room, from your office to big meetings rooms up to 20 persons.
A chromebox for meetings is the perfect partner for all your meetings. Simply connect with your colleagues through Google Meet and benefit from high quality and low cost video.
Say goodbye to annoying dial-in codes. Simply send a link to attendees or launch the meeting from your Google Calendar.


A Chromebase is a simple all-in one desktop computer that can be easily transformed to a kiosk in no-time. Get started in no-time and manage all of your kiosks from one location. Whether for single-use or multiple use kiosks, Chromebase devices gives your team and customers all necessary tools and information.


Chromebit is Google’s little magic box, turning any screen into an intelligent display. This stick-shaped micro-desktop is a cost-efficient and scalable solution for digital signage, corporate communication and other applications. The Chromebit is supported by the newest Chrome operating system, with automatic updates and anti-virus software, for a smart and secure digital environment.


With the Chromecast you can stream your favourite music, video or game from your mobile phone to your television. Simply plug the Chromecast into the HDMI-port of your TV and enjoy endless HD-entertainment on the big screen!

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