Cloud Solutions

Businesses are evolving non-stop. The best solution for your business is the one that always performs as you expect. Symphony Cloud focusses on cloud solutions that follow the evolution of your business. Whether your dreams are small, big or somewhere in the middle, our cloud solutions allows you to stay agile with your IT necessities.

G suite


Everything you need to optimize your business processes and boost productivity. All integrated in one package that works seamlessly on any device, anywhere. Increase the output of your organizations with flexible solutions for mailing, real time collaboration, online document management, scheduling, mobile device management and much more.

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Chrome devices

Chrome Devices

Chrome devices are user friendly, straightforward, affordable and secure laptops built on a chrome browser. Always up to date and performing at the speed of organizations of today and tomorrow.

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Digital signage

Display and manage all your commercial and non-commercial content on any screen easily with Chrome devices. The Chrome solution for digital signage is fully compatible with any digital screen on the market.

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Google Cloud platform

GCP is a public cloud environment No worries about costs, capacity and reliability. The powerful, secure and future proof Google Cloud platform offers you everything you need when you need it.

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Joan meeting room manager

Enjoy a meeting room booking solution that stimulates the productivity of your office by providing all your employees a meeting room when they need it. Book your meeting room remotely or on the spot and your reservation will be displayed in real-time.

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